Reliability of BOXY technology

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BOXY quick blind valve offers a combination of three essential criteria

  • Zero leakage to the downstream
  • No air/ground pollution during blinding / de-blinding work
  • Quick & Safe operation requiring one untrained person
  • Absolutely Shut off The pipeline shall be isolated with blind plate.
    Once leakage happen from blind plate,fluid will leak to the inside of body, never downstream or ground
    All sealing materials can be replaced at site easily.
  • No Dead Space BOXY has full bore design, with no dead space in open position
    to ensure remaining fluid is contamination fluid.
  • Easy Operating Heavy piping can be blinded / de-blinded with easy & safe operation by handwheel
    BOXY blind valve has a compact design with short
    face to face dimension, designed to replace existing valve / spool piece
    without pipe revision.
  • No need Tools No lifting tools are required to switch open / close position to a certain size of piping.
    Lifting aperture can be assembled for large diameter pipeline.
    Storage to keep switched blind plate can be assembled
  • Safety Lock Installed safety lock allows access by authorized person only
  • Environment Pollution Free Enclosed body (SBX type) free from ground / environmental pollution.
    It keeps workers safe from accidental inhalation of toxic gas during operation also reduces risk of accidents caused by flammable fluid.