What is difference between
BOXY blind valve and Typical valve

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Every valve has the potential possibility of a leak. Once leakage happens, fluid leaks downstream.
With BOXY blind valves, in the case of a leak, the fluid will never pass downstream.

Typical Process (DBB)

A typical valve cannot guarantee that leakage will not cause issues downstream.

A leak process must be stopped and residue needs to be drained between valves for maintenance.
When the 1st valve leaks, fluid reaches the 2nd valve and there is a leakage possibility downstream.
To avoid leakage downstream, the bleed line needs to remain open to drain out continuous leaking fluid.

BOXY + Butterfly Valve

BOXY guarantees 100% perfect isolation

Even though Butterfly valve leaks, when the fluids (or gas) reach the BOXY blind valve, it never goes downstream.
Before operating the BOXY blind valve, internal pressure of BOXY product can be depressurized and residue drained between the block valve and BOXY blind valve.
If the sealing of blind valve is damaged, the gasket can easily be replaced at site.