What is BOXY®?

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"Total equipment isolation valves cannot gaurantee 100% leakage free."

Typical Process

Leakage trouble may cause big loses of industrial equipment such as contamination of fluid mixing, personal accident by inhalation of toxic gases or unexpected explotion that leads to occasionally huge disatser.
Typical blank work have been had actual problems at site as follows

  • Environment pollution during blinding work
  • Exposure to hazard of toxic fluid to worker
  • Potential hazard of sparking
  • Need tools, gasket, cranes etc
  • In need of Specialist or trained worker
  • High labor cost
  • long total shutoff time

BOXY® Process

We developed innovative BOXY BLIND VALVE to replace existing blank, spectacle plate, DBB(Double Block and Bleed)valve and spool piece without pipe revision for the first in the world.

  • No need pipeline revision to replace existing isolation method
    (Typical valve (+Blank),Spool piece etc.)
  • Positive shutoff with quick change
  • No ground pollution
  • Safe working
  • No need tools, gaskets, cranes etc
  • Untrained one person with handwheel operation
  • Minimum maintenance
  • No line spreading